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What Does She Like in Bed? 3 Top Questions About the Female Orgasm Answered in 5 Minutes or Less


What leads to strong orgasms for women? Are all orgasm’s created equal? Why are some women able to achieve climax so easily, while others take so long, that it’s difficult to achieve?

Are sex toys a good idea for a new relationship? And if not, which erotic alternatives are best? Any of these questions sound familiar? We have written hundreds of articles on sex tips for both men and women and when it comes to the female orgasm, these are some of the MOST common queries we get! Curious to know a bit more about any of the above? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Help! Why does it take my girlfriend so LONG to climax? Read more below!


Good question! Women have a very different sexual response cycle then men do. The average woman needs more than 12 minutes of contact to climax. This can be longer for intercourse, depending on how well your bodies “match”. (smaller men, or women who have a G-spot deeper than average can make this harder to achieve) Alternatively, foreplay can dramatically speed up her orgasm as well. If your girlfriend, wife or lover is taking too long to climax, it may be a good idea to explore what you can do to maximize your “mojo” to match HER needs, in bed.

Are aphrodisiacs real? Are some foods, or drinks naturally helpful for increasing libido or sex drive?

Absolutely! There is no question that certain types of foods can provide an erotic enhancement and increase sexual interest for both men and women. Foods that increase the quality of blood flow can strengthen orgasm for both sexes, and include fish, avocado, spinach, sardines, grapes, blue and blackberries and just about any type of plant based diet that is high in both anti-oxidants. Wine, most notably red wine, can provide a boost in resveratrol as well, which is great for increasing blood flow, (which stimulates sexual sensitivity and arousal in both sexes) as well as of course, lowering inhibitions which can lead to great sex as well!

Due note though: Red wine, or any type of alcohol can have the peculiar effect of increasing sexual desire, while INCREASING the length of time it takes for her to climax as well. (it can also reduce the quality of orgasm for women)

What are some other ways to activate her erogenous zones?

Another good question! One of the important differences between men and women, and how it relates to orgasm, is this: Women tend to have a more integrative approach to sex. For example? Set and setting play a much larger part in her ability to both enjoy sex, as well as to achieve climax. Mood, food and foreplay are some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs for a woman, whereas for a man… they can be annoying or unnecessary parts of the experience.

Another example is communication both before, during and even AFTER sex. Women tend to find this very sexy, and many women I speak to, as well as many of our female readers, have admitted that a man who is skilled in creative conversation (or dirty talk!) before sex is someone that is rated as a much better lover, as a general rule, afterwards.

The key? Keep things interesting, be adventurous, explore more and talk a lot. And if you’re in a relationship, what you say AFTER sex to her, may be an important part of her ability to orgasm the NEXT time you make love as well. Why? Because as I pointed out above, for a woman, sex is like a 5 course meal, and extends far beyond the entree. If you want her to keep coming back, keep all of the above on her plate, and you’ll find her a very eager diner for many nights to come, I promise!


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