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Women’s Six Pack Abs Workout (ADVANCED ROUTINE!!)

Hey, guys! I’m trainer Amy Jo and today we’re doing an advanced ab workout. You ready to do this? Let’s go! So, our first exercise is going to be timed.
We’re going to go 15 second mountain climbers, but you’re going to be on the elevated step
because we are all advanced. 15 seconds, start that stopwatch. Go!

Climb it, puts just way more weight into the core. It forces you to work harder. Five more seconds.
Four, three, two, and one. You’re going to hop down, keep those abs tight, back up to
a plank. Hop down, back up to a plank. 15 seconds still. Go! Finish it. Don’t rush
these. Almost there. One more. Nice. Take it down. We’ll go off and on slow bicycles.

Fast, 15 seconds and go! Slow. 15 seconds. Almost there. Holding, holding, and pump it
up. Go! 15 here. Quick, quick, quick! Quick, quick, quick! Pump it, pump it, and pump it!
Three seconds! Two and one. Time. Fluttered kicks. These ones, the lower your
feet are, the harder it is. So you start up here high much easier. Lower the feet, almost
to the ground, 15 and go! Kick, kick, kick! Small, almost to the floor. Burn, burn, burn.
Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Push that back into the pad. Legs straight
up and you’re going to pop those feet straight to the sky. 15 seconds. Ready? Set? Go! Up,
up, up, control it on the way down. Don’t really let your whole bum fall to the floor.

Tuck it in. Straight up. Straight up. Five seconds. Three, two, and one. Pull it in, last one. V it up, hands above
your head, 15 seconds, extend it out. Three, two, one, go! Pull it. Flat. You want to drive,
and squeeze. Squeeze. Not about how fast you go, it’s all control. Squeeze. You go too
fast and you risk using your hip flexors. Three seconds, two, last one. There you have it. Quick, fast paced, but
also remember; form comes first thinking about the muscle group you’re working. For all you
advanced core exercisers out there, that’s an awesome workout just for you.

Check out ATHLEANXX for Women for more workout programs just like this one. Leave me a thumbs up, comment below, and I’d
love to see you next time. Thanks for joining me!


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